8-Bit Collection

8-Bit Collection


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"A Bite-Sized Bundle Of 8-Bit Nostalgia"

Embark on a nostalgic odyssey through the iconic sounds of retro gaming with the 8-Bit Collection, an all-in-one bundle featuring three meticulously crafted sample packs: 8-Bit FX Volume 1, 8-Bit Melodies Volume 1, and 8-Bit Vocal FX Volume 1. This treasure trove is perfect for music producers, game developers, and content creators looking to infuse their projects with the irresistible charm of 8-bit audio.

The Golden Age

Samples From When Simplicity In Music Was King.

Instant Download

Immediate Access To Your Sample Pack.

Royalty Free

All Samples Are Cleared For Unlimited Commercial Use.

Level Up Your Skills

Timeless & Recognisable Music. No Restrictions.

"Pocket-Sized, Studio Quality"

Level up your audio with iconic effects, ranging from coin pickups and power-ups to monster roars and laser guns. Each sample is ready to be dropped straight into your projects with no additional processing required. Elevate your audio game and transport your listeners to the golden age of gaming.

"The Heart And Soul Of Classic Gaming"

From the joyful tunes of heroic quests to the mesmerizing arpeggios of pixelated adventures, these retro-inspired packs are perfect for creating compositions that resonate deeply with your audience. Crafted with precision, each sample captures the spirit of the 8-bit era and is ready to use without any additional processing.


50 Sound FX

10 Melodies

10 Melodic Midi Files (Multiple Parts In Each)

30 Melodic Stem Wav Files

28 Female Vocals

22 Male Vocals

8-Bit Vocal FX Volume 1

8-Bit Vocal FX Volume 1

"A Bite-Sized Blast From The Past"

Take a trip down memory lane with this sample pack featuring 50 retro vocal sound effects inspired by classic video games like Street Fighter.

8-Bit FX Volume 1

8-Bit FX Volume 1

"Pocket-Sized Nostalgia"

Take a trip down memory lane with this sample pack featuring 50 retro sound effects inspired by classic video games like Super Mario, Sonic and Zelda.

8-Bit Melodies Volume 1

8-Bit Melodies Volume 1

"A Musical Journey Through 8-Bit Nostalgia"

Supercharge your productions with infectious hooks & mesmerising arpeggios that will transport you back to your favourite retro games.

Frequently Asked Questions

8-Bit Collection

Disclaimer: All of our packs are 100% unique and use sounds made in our studio.