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Nujabes Drum Pack Volume 1

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Nujabes Drum Pack Volume 1


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  • Classic Lo-Fi Drum Sound
  • Make Beats Like Nujabes
  • Upgrade Your Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Beats
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The Quintessential Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Drum Sound

Make beats like Nujabes with our reproduction drums from classic hip-hop beats that sparked the Lo-Fi genre.

All About The Pack

Classic Lo-Fi Drum Sound

Classic Lo-Fi Drum Sound

Dive into the heart of lo-fi with our Nujabes drum pack, offering over 150 loops and samples that encapsulate the timeless, mellow sound of lo-fi hip-hop. Each piece in this collection is a nod to the smooth, understated beats that define the genre, providing you with the perfect foundation to create tracks that resonate with the warmth and soulfulness of classic lo-fi.

Make Beats Like Nujabes

Ever dreamed of channeling the genius of Nujabes in your music? Our drum pack brings this dream to life, giving you the tools to compose beats that carry the unique signature and emotional depth of Nujabes himself. Start crafting your own tracks in the spirit of the master and continue the legacy of his timeless sound.

Make Beats Like Nujabes
Upgrade Your Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Beats

Upgrade Your Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Beats

Transform your lo-fi tracks from background music to standout compositions with our Nujabes drum pack. These meticulously curated loops and samples not only provide a solid base for your beats but also inspire you to explore new rhythmic territories, elevating your music to new heights. Upgrade your beats and set yourself apart in the lo-fi scene.

What You Had To Say

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Micheal Edwards
Independent Music Producer
5 Stars

Ever since I got my hands on the Nujabes drum pack, my workflow has changed completely. The classic lo-fi drum sounds are exactly what I needed to bring a more authentic, soulful vibe to my tracks. It's like every beat has a story, and these samples help me tell mine. Big ups to The Sample Stop for nailing it!

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Don Wilcox
Beat Maker
5 Stars

This Nujabes drum pack hit the spot. It's one thing to make beats that sound lo-fi, but another to make them feel like Nujabes. This pack helped me level up my game and truly capture that chill, introspective vibe I've been chasing.

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Lamar Shah
Sound Designer
5 Stars

The classic lo-fi sound adds an incredible depth and vibe that fits perfectly with the aesthetic I aim for in my projects. Crafting beats that resonate with the unique style of Nujabes is much easier now. A must-have for any sound designer looking to infuse their projects with soulful, captivating beats.

Upgrade To The Hip-Hop Legends Collection

Hip-Hop Legends Collection

Upgrade To The Hip-Hop Legends Collection

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