Survival Horror Collection

Survival Horror Collection


"The Ultimate Horror Sample Pack Collection"

A collection of over 550 loops & samples inspired by classic survival horror video games Silent Hill & Resident Evil.

"Unique & Unsettling Sounds"

Explore dramatic themes and immerse yourself in sonic storytelling with a collection of unnatural distinct sounds from another world. Craft haunting music with professionally produced sounds and add tension to your tracks like never before with specially curated audio nightmare fuel.

"Unnerving FX & Atmosphere"

Haunt your productions forever with this collection of spine-tingling horror. Create a chill with every note and bring horror to life with rhythmic dread. Drive your listeners to madness with dark, hellish percussion and unleash a symphony of terror on their mind.


250+ Various FX

80+ Drum Loops & Samples

70+ Atmospheres/Ambient Tracks

30 Melody Files (Loops, Stems & Midi)

50 High Quality Roars, Growls And Snarls

50 Grinding, Clashing, Dark & Rhythmic Industrial Samples

Sounds Of Silent Hill Volume 1

Sounds Of Silent Hill Volume 1

"It's Never Been Easier To Capture A Mood Like This"

Enter Silent Hill with this pack of atmospheric soundscapes, hellish machinery and otherworldly monster sounds that remain true to the original feel of the esteemed video game series.

Sounds Of Silent Hill Volume 2

Sounds Of Silent Hill Volume 2

"Beautifully Haunting Soundscapes & Samples"

Step into Silent Hill once more and lose yourself in your next project as you craft beautifully haunting soundscapes, atmospheres and textures that will have you feeling like you never left that forsaken town.

Biohazard Soundscapes Volume 1

Biohazard Soundscapes Volume 1

"Survive The Outbreak"

Over 150 atmospheres, samples, soundscapes and FX that will haunt your productions forever.

Haunted Percussion Volume 1

Haunted Percussion Volume 1

"Cast A Shadow Of Sonic Horror Over Your Music"

Evoke the bone-chilling percussive essence from survival horror video games like Silent Hill & Resident Evil.

Monsters Vol. 1

Monsters Volume 1

"Raw, Ferocious & Primal"

A comprehensive selection of 50 high quality roars, growls and snarls. Evoke fear, suspense and awe in your creative projects.

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Disclaimer: All of our packs are 100% unique and use sounds made in our studio. These packs are inspired by the Silent Hill and Resident Evil video game series. This is not an official product.