Survival Horror Collection

Survival Horror Collection

Survival Horror Collection


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  • Craft Haunting Music
  • Add Tension To Your Tracks
  • Explore The Dark Side Of Sound Design
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Easily Create Chilling, Atmospheric Tracks

Step into the shadowy realms of sound and witness the transformation of silence into a symphony of suspense and horror. This collection offers an intuitive path to capturing the essence of horror in your tracks.

All About The Bundle

Craft Haunting Music

Craft Haunting Music

Choose from 100s of sounds to craft eerie melodies & unsettling atmospheres, creating tracks that echo in your mind long after they've ended.

Add Tension To Your Tracks

Tap into the power of over 300 tension-filled FX to layer your tracks with undeniable suspense. From dark impacts to heart-stopping risers, you'll be captivated by the atmospheres you've effortlessly created.

Add Tension To Your Tracks
Explore The Dark Side Of Sound Design

Explore The Dark Side Of Sound Design

Sculpt haunting audio experiences from over 550 chilling sounds. Dive into the abyss of sound design and let your creativity run wild with sounds that inspire and enable creativity like never before.

What You Had To Say

Testimonial 1
Alex Rivera
Freelance Producer
5 Stars

Before discovering this collection, I found it hard to start new projects. But now I find it much easier to get started. There's tonnes of eerie & atmospheric sounds in here that I know will give me a good starting point.

Testimonial 2
Jordan Lee
Video Game Composer
5 Stars

I was struggling to find the right vibe for my next project until I saw an ad for this. It's a total game-changer for me. You get an extensive range of high-quality samples that fit the mood I was trying to create. Highly recommend!

Testimonial 3.webp__PID:840f78f3-e8b6-430a-b879-bd1d59955338
Lewis Khan
DJ/TV Sync Producer
5 Stars

As a producer, I value my time when creating. The collection has improved my workflow, making it easier than ever to create immersive, high-quality soundscapes. The large range of loops, FX & atmospheres is amazing!

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